Parenting Services 

(PLC) Parenting

with Loving Control

Family Training

Facilitated by trained, licensed or pre--licensed facilitators, the whole family attends the multi-family, interactive group sessions designed to help parents help children of all ages get their lives back in control. The initial group is a dynamic, four-hour session enabling parents and children alike to learn the basic Back In Control principles.
Following the session, counseling support provides the family with individualized attention and direction needed to acclimate to a whole new way of interacting. Families are encouraged to get counseling support as long as necessary.  Referrals and other resources are made available as needed to help restore family health and functioning.  Sessions are affordable and are held regularly in Orange County in Spanish and English.




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chEvery 3rd Saturday of the month from 8:30-12:30


Difficult times make counseling support critical. Donations assist those in need
of counseling support without or with limited resources to obtain the service.