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Welcome to Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS)

Service History

Professional Community Services

IAS was formed in 1987 to pursue practical, accessible quality enhancements to the educational resources available in the traditional health care professions higher educational system. The structure to carry out this objective indicated forming IAS as a Non-profit charitable corporation in the State of California with an Exempt organizational status from the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) corporation. A diverse Board oversees the attainment of the mission and objectives.

Training programs, seminars and workshops are designed in the health care field and given at locations in four Southern California counties with Orange County as a Headquarter base of operations to professionals and those interested in the topics or in training for professional careers in the field. Presenters, supervisors or mentors are chosen for their professional credentials, knowledge and experience in the topic being covered or program implemented. These include Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Psychologists, Physicians or other professionals with appropriate professional credentials, education and experience in the area covered. The activity level of IAS since the early 2000’s has shown a consistent growth pattern with the opportunity to bring important contributions to the educational field and to the community as a training ground for the Health Care professions. 


Expansion History

Current Expansion

Expansion has significant impact in the education and training objectives in two ways:

Presenting workshops and seminars using CEU and CE hours of contact credit from the appropriate licensing Boards and/or official accrediting organizations. Currently IAS is an authorized provider for the Board of Behavioral Sciences and the Board of Registered Nursing. Topics utilize the education and experience of affiliated instructors and include, but are not limited to, clinical supervision, stress management, small group leadership, parenting, legal and ethical issues in the field of psychotherapy, methodology in psychotherapy and ethics in the health care field. 

Provide services to the community at over twenty locations on a collaborative and contract basis or sliding scale, low fee alternative to higher cost forms of counseling and related services with Children, Adolescents and Adults as individuals, Couples, Families or Groups. In 2007, 2008 & 2009 counseling was provided to over 300 clients on the average each week in over 10,000 sessions during each year. The locations are in IAS offices, community based and/or faith based organizations, and shelters interested in hosting programs. Many times Organizations are more comfortable in having a third party organization handle the counseling to provide a recognizable difference with a collaborative effort.